PE 15 I'll make some verse just for fun
                                   William, Count of Poitou (1071-1127)

I'll make some verse just for fun
Not about me nor anyone,
Nor deeds that noble knights have done
Nor love's ado;
I made them riding in the sun
(my horse helped too.)

When I was born I cannot say;
I am not sad, I am not gay,
I am not stiff or degage;
What can I do?
Long since enchanted by a fan
Star-touched I grew.

Dreaming for living I mistake
Unless I'm told when I'm awake.
My heart is sad and nigh to break
With bitter rue -
And I don't care three crumbs of cake
Or even two.

I have a lady, who or where
I cannot tell you, but I swear
She treats me neither ill nor fair
But I'm not blue
Just so the Normans stay up there
Out of Poitou.

I have not seen yet I adore
This distant love; she sets no store
By what I think and furthermore
('tis sad but true)
Others there are, some three or four
I'm faithful to.

So ill I am that death I fear;
I nothing know but what I hear;
I hope there is a doctor here,
No matter who.
If he can cure me I'll pay dear,
If not, he's through.

I've made the verse; if you'll allow
I think I'll send it off right now
To one who'll pass it on somehow
Up in Anjou;
He'd tell me what it means, I vow,
If he but knew.

Notes From Mistress Fabienne :
This was written by William, Count of Poitou (1071-1127), Eleanor of
Aquitaine's grandfather. He is commonly acknowledged as the 'first'
troubadour (writer of poetry and songs in southern France), and
henceforth comes the concepts of courtly love and all.