PE 01 The Riddle Song 
                             Child #46, 15th century
See also LT 48

I have a young sister far beyond the sea
And many be the dowries that she sent me

She sent me a cherry withouten any stone
And so she did the dove withouten any bone
She sent me a briar withouten any rind
She bade me love my lemman without longing

Now how can any cherry be without stone
And how can any dove be withouten bone
How can there be a briar withouten any rind
And how can I love my lemman without longing?

When the cherry was a flower, then had it no stone
When the dove was an egg, then had it no bone
When the briar was onbred, then had it no rind
When the maiden has that she loveth, she is without longing