B 14 Sally Grey 
Ill tell you a story about two lovers 
And from Litchfield town they came.
The young mans name is William Taylor. 
Sally Grey is the ladys name.
Well William Taylor he has listed, For a soldier he has gone,
And there hes left his own true lover, 
For to sigh and for to mourn.

Shes dressed herself in mans attire, 
Mans attire shes put on.
Shes off to seek bold William Taylor, 
To find her true love she has gone.
Well one day while she was exercising, exercising 1-2-3,
A silver chain pulled down her waistcoat, 
And exposed a lily white breast.

The Sergeant Major, he came up to her, asking her - 
Whatcha doin here? -
Ive come to seek me own true lover, 
Whos proved on to me severe.
If his name be William Taylor, William Taylor, he is not here.
Hes lately married a rich young lady, 
Worth ten thousand pounds a year.-

If you rise early in the morning, 
Just before the break of day,
There youll see bold William Taylor 
Walking out with his lady gay.
So she rose early in the morning, just before the break of day.
And there she saw bold William Taylor 
Walking out with his lady gay.

Shes ordered up a sword and a pistol, 
Brought to her at her command.
She fired and shot bold William Taylor 
And his bride at his right hand.
The Sergeant Major he came up to her, 
Very pleased at what shed done.
He made of her a full commander of a ship and all its men.

Ill tell you a story about two lovers and from Litchfield 
The young mans name WAS William Taylor, 
Captain Grey is the ladys name.

Performer(s) Cattea the Studious