MorriGan Clubfoot for Mischief and Inspiring Men To great Acts.


From "Avacal's Daughters: A History of the Princess' of Avacal"

     Morrigan Clubfoot, the 16th Princess of Avacal, was born in 1220 to an unimportant minor Scots noble, she was going to be sent to France to be married when she skipped out, hooked up with a French peasant boy named Stephen and headed south to the land of the Infidel.
     The other children that accompanied them east died on the way but Morrigan found herself auctioned off to her father, the benevolent and wise El Nahr, (also known as Master Hector of the Black Height) who's large, extended family welcomed her warmly, and she was renamed Bushra al Jaseri bint El Nahr, taught the gentle arts of poetry, dance and singing.
     Under the laws of the Prophet, all women unmarried after spending seven years learning at the feet of her adopted family, were to be given a dowry suitable to her station and education and permitted to leave. Morrigan's tounge being as sharp as the scimitar displayed in her arms, elected to leave El Nahr's household of crystal fountains and orange groves, and danced her way to Avacal. There her skill in dance won her the admiration of many, and she was soon making a comfortable living entertaining throughout Avacal and the rest of the Knowne World....

Arms: Vert, a scimitar and in chief three hawk's bells Or.


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