Morgan the Unknown for The Spreading of Scurrilious History, compulsive documenting of Projects, and general Mischief, .



Excerpt from "Avacal, A people's history"

Morgan the Unknown was a Welsh woman of the Early Christian era. In addition to being a weaver and a mercenary soldier, she spent a great deal of her time hounding others to do more documentation for posterity's sake. Occasionally, she was able to dictate her remembrances of times past to scribes who usually lost the paperwork afterwards, in the interest of tact, diplomacy and the need to not be associated with such scurrilious words. This fragment survives, detailing the early days of the Principality of Avacal, although questions about both the accuracy and authenticity of the excerpt remain hotly contested in academic circles.

Note: The tribe of the Little Brown Celts was a loose alliance of Celtic personae who had only one actual rule or custom: "Don't rain on anyone else's parade." They believed that it was important to be childlike, but forbidden to be childish. This federation of likeminded Celts was numerous and everywhere, crossing many Kingdom boundaries, and their Chieftain was rumored to be an Irish Mercenary named Conmor Gallowglass, to whom Morgan was married, although this has not been entirely substantiated.


Morgan's Tales


The Chronicles of Avacal - as told by the Little Brown Celts.