Margareta the Little Egyptian
For bilking, and partying, also wanted for questioning concerning the disappearance of gold leaf. 

The respectable Margareta vanden Velde is a middle class educated scribe who takes commissions from the wealthy and thereby makes a comfortable living. She lives in 15th c Flanders. Margareta has heard a rumour that there is a Rom on the loose who is giving out her name, but has so far been unable to track down the mischief maker. She is also having a hard time keeping track of the gold in her scribal supplies. 

Margareta the Little Egyptian uses the alias "Margareta vanden Velde" when the local authorities are after the Little Egyptians for some outrage that was doubtless committed by other people anyway… Margareta's Rom are hanging out in 15th C Flanders, bilking, I mean entertaining the locals. 

Hobbies of Margareta the Little Egyptian: music, song, dance, travel
Hobbies of Margareta vanden Velde: calligraphy, illumination, sewing, research

Margareta's Songs
A Boat! Go to Joan Glover
A Catch on the Midnight Cats Horse to Trot
A Maying Catch - Original Higher the Plum Tree, The 
A Maying Catch - Transcription Hunt is Up, The
A Round of Three Country Dances Noël Nouvelet
Alle Psallite Non Nobis Domine
Banbury Ale O Ale Ab Alendo
Call for the Ale Stella Splendens
Change then, for lo she changeth Sumer Is Icumen In
Come Come Pretty Wenches To Portsmouth
Elves Dance, The We Be Soldiers Three

Margareta's Course Handouts

A New Persons Guide To Music In The SCA
The French Chanson mid 1400's to mid 1500's
Lecture Notes From "A Walking Tour Through The Middle Ages" (A Beginners Guide to Medieval Music)