A  Sisters Warning
by Chrestienne de Valenciennes
Sung to the tune of Helmethead by Great Big Sea

I was just eighteen when I joined the SCA.
I wanted to be a lady, and join in on the play.
I値l never be a laurel, and I値l never be a Pel.
But when it comes to fighters, I致e got some tales to tell.

The first one was a shy one; I won him with a kiss.
But he was lacking down below, something I surely missed.
At one event I was right in love with the squire of a peer.
But when he drank, he would sing, and always hurt my ears.

So Goodbye! (Fare Thee Well!)
There痴 no time for delay!
You値l see me near the tourney lists, or Quad War anyway.
So Goodbye! (Fare Thee Well!)
I知 glad you shared by bed.
But never trust a fellow with a helm upon his head!

Simon was from Windwyrm, Il a jouer avec moi.
A wit as dull as his sword, But he had a giant truck.
His lady was unknown to me; his roommate for years.
But we met at an event, confirming all my fears.


Gregor just could not fight, he壇 be boring me to tears.
Standing like a pell-pole, then drinking all my beers.
John I could have married, he had a dandy fling.
But I caught him cheating, so I kept his golden ring.


They could have sent a letter, it would have been polite.
But I知 dressing to impress, and my bodice is getting tight.
I知 leaving on the morrow, perhaps another day.
Cause I知 finding me a newbie and I値l train him right away.

Fare Thee Well!