W 42 The List Once More Assembles 
                            Master Hector of the Black Height (Ealdormere) 

The list once more assembles, mighty fighters squint and pace
To see how hard the draw will be, what foe each one will face.
The echoes of proud battles past ring in each fighter's ear.
How deaf can be the patron? Just what cries does their King hear?
They'll form up for a tourney, their land's pride again they'll be
And this time it will count; this time the Southron King will see.

Let Northern swords flash bright as ice,let shields ring bold and clear.
Anew the list its record writes; this time the King is here
And thus the scribes of history have leave to write again;
The Northern tale just doesn't count unless the mighty pen
Is wielded by the Southron, in accordance with his rules
And if a distant deadline's missed, then who are dupes and fools?

The one who bore his lady's name to glorious applause,
The one who stood with honour for a noble lady's cause
Stands once again, as if his recent victory was naught.
That tourney was not published and so it was never fought
According to the Southron, whose contempt was thus made plain:
"If we say it is not it never was; go fight again."

The victor's palm is made of many, many single leaves
And leaves of pride bright shone in faces no sad lady grieves,
The warriors who filled the list, who heard the herald's call
And yielded to their true, just Prince: in honour did they fall.
The ones who did not yield would dare to tempt a fickle fate
But prowess does not fade in days, 'tis happy to relate.

And so the Griffon seat is held by one who earned it twice;
No scandal mars his noble name, no slur stains his device.
His throne he'll sit in grace; can his proud liege-lord say the same?
Whose oath is better honoured in the manner of the game?
'Tis thus the Southron honours those whose loyalty they'd get.
Your Prince serves at the Southron's whim. The Griffon? An Tir's pet.

Swear fealty to distant Kings who honour not your cause,
Who take no special trouble when they hurt you with their laws.
Bow down before the absent Crown; abide such if you dare
To saddle your sons' children with their vague and vacant care.
It only counts if Southron Kings your noble deeds do see
So show them steel, proud Avacal: make An Tir set you free!

When this song was posted to our mailing lists it caused quite a stir and a number of people felt that it was an insult to our relationship with AnTir. My including here should not be taken as agreeing or disagreeing with the views expressed here, it is however a poem written about us and one of our events. If you feel that you need to rebuke this poem please email me a poem (or song) rebuking it. I will add it to the song book and even direct people to the related song.
What happened: 
In Spring 2002 Avacal held a Coronet tournament that did not get published in the AnTir newsletter (the Crier). Thus Avacal couldn't declare the winner of the coronet tourney at the event (dubbed Coronot). The Coronet fight was re-held at Quad War 2002, and Ivar (fighting for Asney) won the tourney both times - officially becoming our Tanist & Tanista at that Quad War.