W 27 Vik's Stick 
                  Odli Goodwater 
Sung To The Tune Of
Last Kiss

I was watching my Lord, on the Tourney field
He was fighting hard, refusing to yield
When there in the lists, straight ahead
A mighty Knight, filled my heart with dread
My Lord tried to duck, tried to feint to the right
I'll never forget the awful sight
The sneaky fake, the lightening snap
And finally the brutal rap

Oh where oh where could my coronet be?
Sir Vik took it away from me
Now my lord's with his Knight,
He's gonna' learn a new trick
So next time he won't have to eat Vik's stick!

When my lord woke up, Vik was wearing the crown
There were whitebelts standing all around
The populace cheered, the ladies sighed
The chirurgeons called me to my lord's side
He lifted his head, he looked at me and said
I'm sorry lady, for I have failed
I held him close, kissed him one chaste kiss
Told him next time he'd prevail in the lists
Now he's got a new plan, to win a crown and a belt
Says were gonna move to Atenveldt!


Performer(s) Odli Goodwater, Christine the Good