W 19 Tourney Known As Crown 
                                                 Lord Jeffrey 

Sung To The Tune Of The Song by Garth Brooks, 
Introduced to Avacal at Clinton 2000

His eyes are cold and restless,
His armour bites have healed,
And he's repaired the basket-hilt
On the weapon he will wield.
She knows he's got a new love,
She knows he's battle-bound,
Well it ain't no woman, flesh and blood,
It's the Tourney Known as Crown...

It's the way he walks, it's the way he talks,
When he straps his armour tight,
It's the white in his knuckles as he does up the buckles,
As he readies for a fight,
It's sword and shield on the tourney-field,
An opponent, a-goin' down,
And he hopes to reign through the joy and the pain,
It's the Tourney Known as Crown

She does her best to hold him,
When his love comes to call,
But the need for it controls the man,
To see a foeman fall.
With noblesse oblige, fighting to be liege,
To make it to the final round,
The woman wants her fighter,
Like her fighter wants the Crown,


It'll drive a fighter crazy,
It'll drive a man insane,
And he'll sell off everything he owns,
Just to pay to play the game.
And some moans and groans and some aching bones,
And a pell stuck in the ground,
Will bring back his fond mem'ries,
Of the day he won the Crown...


It's the wraps and the blocks, it's the sticks and the jocks,
It's the Tourney Known as Crown!