LT 34 After The Ball 
                         Charles K. Harris

A little maiden climbed on an old man's knee
Begged for a story, do uncle please
Why are you single, why live alone?
Have you no sweetheart? Have you no home?
I had a sweetheart, long years ago
Where she is now, pet, you will soon know
Listen to my story, I'll tell it all
I believed her faithless, after the ball 

After the ball is over
After the break of dawn
After the dancers are leaving
And all the stars are gone
Many a fond hope was vanished
If you could read them all
Manys a heart was broken
After the ball 

Bright lights were flashing, in the grand ballroom
Softly the music was playing sweet tunes
There comes my sweetheart, my love, my own
She wishes some water and I leave her alone
When I returned, dear, there stood a man
Kissing my sweetheart, as lovers can
Down fell the glass, pet, broken that's all
Just like my heart was, after the ball