H 56 I Got Those Censureship Blues
                      Scop Sirventes & Eibhear Email Discussion

OOOOHHHHH Censure can incense you
drain your sense, it spends you
When you really don't understand
Which side of which fence you're on

You've checked all the facts...well, mostly
Christened your cause just...it's holey
And spewed the best....um, baloney
Screw these awards....they're phony.

Now just what the hell is censure
Seems a double reverse debenture
The royals they cry foul
The chastened foul and scowl
All friends wax foul and yowl
But what I want to know is who will
Match jowl to jowl with the bard. 

Pardon me while I add a little something:

The arguements were passionate
Both sides, their ideas defending
But the discussion is over
When the bard starts condescending

In true argument no voice is raised
No fact mislaid, no cut is praised
Foul is foul, fair is fair
And never the twain were a pair
But to seethe and rut
As every affronted butt
Throws two-pence in for a share.