H 48 The Ballad of Dandy Jack 
                                            Giuseppe Corsini
Spoken To The Tune Of
A Christmas Carol 
('Twas the Night Before Christmas)

Twas the night before Tuesday and along a misty road,
walked a drunken Scotsman, decorated in woad.
And I with my dagger, my sword and my gun,
decided it was time to make a collection.

I came alongside him and crossed his path,
he drew his weapon and yelled,"FEEL MY WRATH!!"
When from behind came the sounds of a mob,
which made me realize he was the wrong one to rob.

I ran for my horse and took off in a blaze.
Those Scotsmen were pissed and it was hell they would raise!
When what to my worried vision should appear......
but a band of rogues and I could pay them with beer!

We rode in formation, our swords held high!
Those Scotsmen were outnumbered and soon they would die!
But they attacked from all angles, and their weapons did wield,
in this blood-thirsty melee, not one did yield.

We took to the ground and our pistols we drew.....
shots rang out!!........leaving a grayish hew.
Then cried a Scot, lying wounded on his back,
"That's not just any thug, that's Dandy Jack!"

He says, "Jack has a bounty,...."
"It's time to rid him from the county!"
So one last warrior took a run at me,
And I ended his attack, with a shot....to the knee!

So, as my foes die slowly in the street,
I sit in the tavern and the beer does taste sweet,
And after I rob them and ride into the night,
"Thank you fellows, it was a great fight!" 

Performer(s) Giuseppe Corsini