H 43 Helm Full of Pain 
                        Mikhail Heimdallson
Sung To The Tune Of
Car Full of Pain by The Arrogant Worms
Notes: sort of a bluesey piano and harmonica job. 

I bought me some armour, along with a old helmet, 
Now the nose piece it be bent and the face grill poorly welded. 
I am feelin' every blow, my noggin can't be mended 
I got to get it fixed quick, the inspection it be endin', 
But I can't wear it now, cause the bars they all be bendin'. 

Got a helm full of pain! 

Satan did the welding, Beelzebub the grill work 
Mephistopheles did the dishing cause I'm too god damn hurt. 
Baal guides my helmet and listens to my wail. 
I got demons in the rivets, I got bats in the chainmail 
This bucket needs an exorcism, Loki is to blame 
Got a Helm full of pain. 

I put a nose guard on the front, I let a champ grind the welds 
Now I got a ringing in the ears, and a blindspot from Hell 
I thinks the welds are cracking..
Oh no! 

Oh god this is gonna hurt..
Odin take me now! 

Please, please mister, take your bless'd hammer 
Cast out this demon hoard, save my poor armour 
With the glow of Mig welder, a great cracklin' roar 
I'll worship you oh tinkerer, Master Smith even more 
Fix it quick, fix it quick, fix it quick, Oh God, FIX IT QUICK! 

And now it glows just like a relic,and as tough as a tank 
Its got fancy brass inlay, just way too god damn swank 
Here comes the repair bill, ..oh god, how much?.. 
300 bucks you piece of slime you smell and you suck 
Your father was a Saxon your mom his favorite mule 

I got a helm full of pain! 
I got a helm full of pain!
I got a helm full of pain!