H 26 SCA Rhapsody 
                     Damian Law, Fyd Hansen and PRB
Sung To The Tune Of
Rhapsody by Queen

Is this a real life,
Is this just fantasy.
I am a lord knight (with a)
Name of verbosity.

Plastic on my thighs, my tabard disguises me.
I'm just a shy boy (shy boy), but I'll go to Rowany.
Because it's easy come, easy go
Anachronisms all on show.
Don't care who I sleep with doesn't really matter to me.
To me.

Marshal - I just killed a man
Put a sword against his head.
Did a flick shot now he's dead.
Marshal - I've fought well and won.
But now the crowd just laughs and walks away.

Marshal - oo oo oo oo.
Got a splinter in my thigh,
With combat morris dancing on the morrow
Carry on. Party on.
As if hist'ry never happened.

But wait. I am undone.
The politics aren't fine.
Belly aching all the time.
Goodbye everybody.
I've got to go.
Gotta leave you all behind --
Join a real group.

Marshal - oo oo oo oo. (Join a real group)
The egos make me cry.
Sometimes wish I never had joined at all.


I've done a little heraldry on the side.
Scarlet Moose! Scarlet Moose!
Let us call the costume Nazis!
With wooden swords we're fighting
`Cause metal ones are fright'ning (me)

Wear some camo. (Wear some camo.) 
Wear some camo. (Wear some camo.)
Wear some camo have a coke.
A can of Coke! (Co-oke.)

I'm just a Scadian nobody loves me.
He's just a Scadian with no authenticity.
Look at his armour: a monstrosity!

Now I'm ready for the show. Will you let me go?

No way mate!
No! We will not let you go! (Let him go!)
No way mate!
We will not let you go! (Let him go!)
No way mate!
We will not let you go! (Never)
Not with that Velcro. (Never)
You jeopardize the show.

Oh let him go - o - o - o!

No. No. NO. Vel-cro, Vel-cro.

Oh armour failure! Armour failure!
Armour failure with Velcro.
But Mitre-10 has some duct tape put aside for me!
For me! For meee!


So you think you can make fun of me on the fly?!
So you think you can mock me and laugh at my thighs?!
Ohh, maybe!
If you made your gear maybe,
Then you would find out
Your armour would be just as real!

(Oo yeah. Tupper wear.)

It's the thought that matters.
Not the history.

It's the thought that matters.
History the way that it
Should be.


( We still don't like Velcro. )