H 25 An Ode to Duct Tape II 
                        Mairi MacLean of Mull

Duct Tape, oh duct tape,
A fighter's constant friend.
A boon to a Lady,
If something she must mend.
A patch on a mattress,
An eirk on the floor,
If it won't close on our way home,
We'll duct tape shut the door!

When I go to events
Under the clear blue sky,
The soft gleam of duct tape
Is e'er before my eye,
It's wrapped 'round the flagpole,
Or holding up a wall,
If were not for duct tape
Could our group function at all?

When I go to feasting,
And after to the ball,
Broad strips of duct tape
Hold banners to the wall,
And that well-dressed worthy
Who's looking down his nose
Has a good circlet of duct tape
Holding up his hose.

When I go a-trav'ling,
As SCAers do,
I pack up my camp gear,
And run my check-list through,
But before I set forth
I open my trunk wide,
And check to see my 6-pack
Of duct-tape is inside!

If you are a tailor,
Then you know well it's worth,
A good supply of duct tape
Is the greatest thing on earth,
For shoes or shirts or pantaloons,
Or anything that's worn,
You cover up your subject
And then duct-tape up a form!

Now in my home I've noticed,
Much to my chagrin,
That great amounts of duct tape
Are creeping their way in,
It's holding up my pictures,
It patches cracks on floors,
I patched my duvet with it,
And it insulates my doors!