H 18 The Cloak Of John Macleod
                                        Rowyn the Bard 

Deep in the heart of Ver Aquilon
Where strange powers play 
There's a little known phenomenon
I'll warn you if I may
It's large and black and oh so warm
And very well endowed
Beware to all who enter in
To the Cloak of John MacLeod!

Now if you are a maiden
And virtue is your style
And underneath some fine lord's cloak
You stop and talk awhile
Beware if that cloak's John MacLeod's
One poor soul wandered in
And she was four months pregnant 
When she wandered out again!

Oh the strange and wondrous things
That happen 'neath that cloak!
You could get lost for days in there
Like several other folk
Were not sure what became of them
But they were quite a crowd
Oh for shame they n'er emerged 
From the Cloak of John MacLeod.

One day a herald woke John up
Too early from his bed
And John just up and whipped that cloak
Around that herald's head
We know that he's still in there
We can hear him pleading loud
Can someone help him exit?
From the Cloak of John MacLeod

One night around the campsite
A group of people tried
To fit as many Lords and Ladies
All snugly warm inside
We managed ten and it was fine
And we were very proud
To proclaim this was Tavern
Of the Cloak of John MacLeod

Oh the friends that you can make
And the lovers you might find
While roaming underneath that cloak
It really blows the mind!
There's not another like it
So Kirsten take a bow
We're happy just to know it's there…
The Cloak of John MacLeod.

Performer(s) Mordecai Salzer