H 04 Green Sleeves 
Sung To The Tune Of

Alas, my lady you've done me dirt
You've sewn green sleeves to my purple shirt
And then you did the worst of all
You've made me go out and wear it

Oh, Oh, what a dismal fate
To be seen at events in this terrible state
Oh, how I wish I could come late
Say, seven days after it's over 
(1st: days, 2nd: weeks, 3rd: months, 4th: years, 5th: centuries)

Alas, my lady I'm born to lose 
You've sewn pink bows to my purple shoes
You've done my hair up in waves and curls
My mother now thinks I'm a girl

Alas, my lady why did you think
My cloak would look nice in that shade of pink 
You've decked me over in bobbins and lace 
My costume's become a disgrace

Alas, my lady I've been bereaved
Someone's just slandered my beautiful sleeve
He's questioned my taste in every way
My God !, he said, I was gay !

Alas, my lady you've done me wrong 
You've made my tunic much too long
You've made it seven feet, ten inches, or more....
It drags across the floor!