BS 22 Three little maids from the S.C.A. 
                                                    Acheron von Drachenwald 

Sung To The Tune Of Three Little Maids (Gilbert & Sullivan, 'The Mikado')

Three little maids from the S.C.A.
All that they want to do is play
From the set of the sun to the dawn of day!
Three little Viking maids!

One little maid has an axe to grind
Two little maids have an open mind
Three little maids is the sum, you'll find
Three little Viking maids!

Three little maids all hale and hearty
Went to the Al Khabeela party
Dressed to the nines and looked quite tarty
Three little Viking maids!
Three little VI-KING maids!

From three little maids take one away
Two little maids remain to play
Won't have to wait very long, they say,
Two little Viking maids!

Two little maids with braided hair
Out for the night without a care
Went to a party on a dare
Two little Viking maids!

From two little maids one disappears
One little maid remains in tears
And she's pretty drunk on fifteen beers
One little Viking maid!

One little maid who plays Tablero
Waiting for a brawny hero
Falls asleep after too much beer, oh!
No little Viking maids!
No little VI-KING maids!