BS 13 I'm A Rover 
     I'm a rover, seldom sober,
     I'm a rover o' high degree
     It's when I'm drinking
     I'm always thinking
     How to gain my love's company.

Though the night be dark as dungeon
Not a star to be seen above
I will be guided without a stumble
Into the arms o' my own true love

He stepped up to her bedroom window,
Kneeling gently upon a stone
He rappit at her bedroom window:
"Darling dear, do you lie alone?

She raised her head on her snow white pillow,
With her arms about her breast,
"What is that at my bedroom window,
Disturbing me at my long night's rest?"

"It's only me, your own true lover,
Open the door and let me in
For I have come on a long journey,
And I'm near drenched to the skin."

She opened the door with the greatest pleasure
She opened the door and she let him in
They both shook hands and embraced each other
Until the morning they lay as one.

The cocks were crawing the birds were whistling
The streams they ran free about the brae.
"Remember lass, I'm a ploughboy laddie
And the farmer I must obey.

Now, my love, I must go and leave thee
And though the hills they are high above
But I will climb them with greater pleasure
Since I've been in the arms of my love."