Robin M'aime

Adam de la Halle ~ 1250 

Robin m'aime,                                                        Robin loves me,
Robin m'a                                                              Robin has me,
Robin m'a demandée                                              Robin asked me
Si m'ara                                                                  If he can have me.
Robins m'acata cotele                                             Robin took off my skirt
D'escarlate bonne et belle;                                      Of scarlet, good and pretty,
Souskanie et chainturele.                                         My bodice and girdle.
Aleuriva!                                                                Hurray!

Notes by MistressFabienne l'Accusee
    This is by the celebrated trouvére, Adam dela Halle (trouvéres were from northern France, the better known troubadours from the south), written c.1284. It is from a musical play, Jeu de Robin et de Marion. It is a rondeau, a type of the forme fixe, where the melody and chorus occur in a certain routine.

   Besides being a cute melody and very easy to play, the words are fun too.